Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Puno is the Shiz

Watch out for the yellow ones, they don't stop!

Well it's been another fun week in Puno. We haven't had tons of time to teach because we've been planning the next multi-zone conference that we have on Wednesday with an Area 70. The conference we had with President Harbertson went really well. We did it at a beach in a place called Charkas. It's pretty cool to be able to say that I've been to a zone conference on the shores of lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Anyways, it started out really well. We had all of the district leaders give short trainings,  spiritual thoughts really because they cut our time down but it was still good, and then Elder Cando and I and the other zone leaders from Juli did an activity with a training. Elder Cando and I talked about unity and how we need to help each other as missionaries because we all have the same goal. We tried to do an activity where they had to walk a trail with candles and they couldn't let their flames go out, but then a ferocious wind came in and we couldn't even get them lit, so that was kind of a bust but we ended up getting the same message out of it. President Harbertson talked a lot about the different roles that men and women have in the priesthood, and how it doesn't work without both, and sister Harbertson talked about how sins  bring burdens into our lives. It was a great conference. It ended up getting really cold towards the end though and we had to finish in the tour bus that we rented haha. It was still fun though.

As far as my duties as a zone leader go, I'm basically just a babysitter for other missionaries. We have to deal with any sort of tomfoolery that the other missionaries pull. Luckily, our zone is awesome and we don't have to deal with much.  We also have to plan things like multi zone conferences, travel plans for any missionary that get to travel, and stuff like that. We get a zone fund every month that we have to keep track of very meticulously or we end up losing money and have to pay out of our pockets. We also get to travel to Cusco once a month for leadership conferences and then conduct a zone conference afterward to give all the other missionaries the information that we received from president, do trainings, practices, etc. It's fun I suppose. I like being in a position where I can help other missionaries. I don't LOVE it but I won't complain any more than that. I suppose that God has a reason for calling me to this position, so I'll do it. I find myself being about twice as tired as I've ever been though. We're up late a lot because we have to be doing something, making phone calls, passing numbers, etc. It's great.

As far as Puno goes, so far I'm loving it. It's super cold but super cool. It's very pretty, and the people are a lot nicer than in Juliaca, haha. The members here are excited to help us with the work. I haven't really met any of our investigators yet though, just the Ofelia lady I mentioned last week. Elder Cando is the bomb. We get along great. He told me the other day, "I've enjoyed my entire mission like crazy, but this change I've been enjoying it even more." He told me that it was because of me, because I'm cool. That made me feel good inside. He's probably one of my favorite companions as well.

Things are good here in Puno. The food is great. I'm always hungry now, too, for some reason. I think it's a combination of stress, walking a ton, and the cold. I like my area and my zone. I love you all and hope you have a great time in the wilderness. Sometimes it scares me that I'm in a position of authority and that God is really putting all this trust on my shoulders, but I know that he'll always be here to help me every step of the way. God is real. Jesus Christ lives. They love us and always know what's best for us. Until next time!

Elder Tate