Friday, March 6, 2015

Wawa fresco

We sent Tate a digital voice recorder for his birthday and he tried it out this week. It was so fun to hear his voice and he even spoke Spanish on it!  If you are interested in hearing him, Let me know and I will send you a link. -- Tara
Hello family,

So I'm sending a recording of stuff that happened this week, so pretty much I'm just gonna answer mom's questions that weren't already answered on the recording.

I am still teaching piano but a lot of times no one comes. I wasn't here on Tuesday this week to teach because I had to go to Cusco. I got called as a District leader and had to be trained (more in the recording). No one here has pianos so it's more of a social thing. I try to make it fun so they keep coming, and at the end I share a spiritual thought. Our bishop wants people to come so they can play simplified hyms for sacrament meeting when I leave.

My companion is doing good, but now that I'm a district leader he kind of resents me I think. He already kind of had a predetermined bias against all leaders of the mission before I was called as one. He told me that I was going to come back from Cusco different. We'll see how things go. The training they gave me was kind of weird and a lot different than I expected. They didn't really teach me how to do my job. We just read stuff from the mission manual and they told us to be examples. I've got it figured out though. Basically my job is to do whatever the Zone Leaders tell me to do. I'm going to work really hard at improving myself in all aspects, so that I can be a better example. 

That's about it. Love you all and hope you're well. Peace and blessings!

Elder Tate

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