Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Do you have anything besides Peruvian food?

     HUMP DAAAYY! As of today (at about 3 AM) I have officially been in Peru for 3 weeks, which means I'm half way done with the CCM! Sweet!
     So this week's been pretty cool. The days are kind of blending together, and when you have the exact same routine every single day with no real life investigators there aren't a lot of new things that go on. It's good though. I'm still having an absolute blast.

     Our district was asked to do a musical number on Sunday so they assigned me and Elder Powell to sing. We sang an arrangement of homeward bound that I had brought and Elder Day accompanied us. It was awesome. I'm super grateful that I have Elder Powell in my district. We're always singing something together, and he likes to beat box so he does that a lot while I sing. Without him I'd probably go crazy. He was just called as our new DL and he's going to do a great job. We had a whole knighting ceremony for him and everything. Then a couple days ago I was asked to accompany the sister missionaries this Sunday in sacrament meeting. They're singing Come Thou Fount so I made an arrangement of it yesterday that turned out pretty good. I'm loving all of the opportunities that I'm getting to play music!
      Everyone here has had lots of diarrheas this week. There was some bad food or something one day and everyone got it. I only had it for about a day. Elder Black had it for two. Yesterday there was an elder on the toilet for like six hours with it coming out both ends. You could hear him hacking from across the CCM, and he frickin sat next to me at lunch today. Hopefully I don't turn into Elder Firebum/face.
    We got to go to the Lima temple today. It's absolutely beautiful. Amazing. It's really small. The endowment rooms only holds about 25 people. They also gave us headphones with the English video soundtrack so we knew what was going on. Every once in a while I would take them off just to see how much I could understand. It wasn't very much haha. It's okay though. I know way more than I came with and it's coming poco a poco. They say that most people are fluent within 2 months after leaving the CCM so I hope that's true.
     Well That's about all that happened. My teachers are awesome. Mostly Hermano Velasquez. He always tells us awesome things about his mission that keep us excited to be here. I wrote them all down in my journal so I'll try to send you a couple because they are FREAKING CRAZY!!! Like the kinds of stories you wouldn't believe because they sound like Mormon myths but they came from someone I know and trust. They're legit.
     My district is full of a bunch of goofballs. We all are super duper close. They're a bunch of bros.
     Anyways, love you all! I pray for you every night! I miss you but Peru is cool too LOL. You're all wonderful. The church is true. Thank you for your prayers. Still loving the food even though it gave me diarrhea and kinda looks like diarrhea sometimes LOL.
Elder Tate

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