Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Ate My First Sour Patch Package Today!

     I still do pretty much the exact same thing every day, and I've eaten rice and some part of a chicken (drumstick, breast, eggs, mystery body part) for at least two meals every single day since I've been here. Still love it though. I've also been buying lots of cookies on P day called Casinos. They're basically a Peruvian version of the Oreo and they're really cheap. I also bought a couple ties from the temple store that have llama's on them that are supposedly made from alpaca fur. Also cheap.
     Crazy story about Elder Powell though. So I was talking to another Elder in my district and he asked me if I knew a kid that went to his high school (Viewmont) that I reminded him of. The kid's last name was Thornock so I was like, I might be related to that dude. My grandma's maiden name is Thornock, and then Elder Powell was like, You're related to Thornocks? Me too! So we both whipped out our little fan charts and found out that we're both descendents of John Thornock which makes us fourth cousins! Crazy stuff! Cool though right? That's why we do family history before the mission.
     So every two weeks we have a group of missionaries that leaves, and a group of missionaries that arrive. So every two weeks we get a new group of Latino missionaries. Well the last transfer, after I'd been here two weeks, I knew enough Spanish to be able to kind of converse and I made a couple friends. Their names are Elder Martinez and Elder Vento, who are both now serving in the Bolivia La Paz mission. Anyway, Elder Vento actually spoke pretty good English, but Elder Martinez had never even heard someone speak English before his mission, except for in movies. It turned out the only English words he knew were swear words so Elder Black and I had to tell him that they were bad. After awhile he realized that he knew nothing useful in English so if he ever had a question he would come up and whisper a word in my ear to check if it was okay to say to people. It usually wasn't. The cool thing though, was that even though we could barely speak the other person's language, Elder Martinez ended becoming one of my best friends besides my companion. Elder Vento also became one of my best friends. It's awsesome having Latino friends though because it helped my Spanish a ton. Elder Black and I are working on making some new friends with this new group.
     On Saturday I got to go proselyting again, only this time I had a Latino companion who didn't speak a lick of English, and the members that came with us knew even less English than he did if that's possible. It was rough. I had no idea what he was saying most of the time because he talked super fast and he mumbled. We still became buddies though. His name is Elder Cordova. Anyways, Proselyting kinda sucked this time. Pretty much everyone we taught (mostly less active members) just made fun of me for not being able to speak Spanish, and in the middle of the lesson my companion would just stop and look at me and want me to say something but I had no idea what they were even talking about. In one house we were teaching an active member and my companion hands me a word of wisdom pamphlet and gestures for me to say something to her but I had no idea why she needed it. After each house I got a little more flustered. My companion could tell and he would just put his arm around me after I apologized to him and say "It's okay" but it was in Spanish so it was more like "esta bien." He was really nice to me the whole time so that helped. He just kept telling me that I needed to practice more. I realized though that it's not all going to be easy. It's hard when I see these beautiful children of God and I want to express to them how much I love this gospel and Jesus Christ and I just can't because I can't speak their language well enough. I know that I'm not going to learn a whole language in a month though. When I have a hard day I just like to think of it as God's way of reminding me that I have a lot more work to do so I'd better work a little harder. I really do have a whole lot more work to do, but I know that God will help me do it.
Well that's all for now. I love you all. I pray for you every day. I love the emails I get from you all when you actually send them LOL. The church is true. If you have time read Romans 8. It's one of my favorite chapters of scripture ever. The last like four or five verses are very powerful. Until next week!
Elder Tate


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