Monday, November 17, 2014

More Duties

Maybe it's time I get some new duties!

     Okay so this week's letter is going to be short because not a lot happened and I'm going to try to send a bunch of pictures! I'm writing late again because we had to travel to Cusco today for a conference with a GA tomorrow. We left at 5 in the morning and got here at about 3 in the afternoon. Long drive!

         So this week there wasn't a ton of progress. Only one of our investigators showed up to church this week so that was a bummer. We're having a baptismal service the last Saturday before our change but the investigators have to attend three times before they can be baptized, and since Rody didn't come he won't have his 3. Kind of a bummer. The other one with a date has 3 though, so that's good. We have another investigator named Jasmin who has 3 as well and we challenged her yesterday. She was a little apprehensive so we left her a reading assignment in the Book of Mormon and told her to pray to have her testimony reaffirmed, and we're going to follow up with her this week when we get back from Cusco. We're also going to try to call a few of our investigators like Edwardo while we're here. Edwardo is the bomb. He likes to accompany us while we work which is cool. It doesn't count for anything as far as statistics go but it's good for him to see it. He told us he is considering serving a mission after his baptism. So is Jasmin actually. Cool stuff. Hopefully we get to throw those lamanites in the pool this month.

     So the reason we didn't see a ton of progress this week as far as numbers go was because Elder Johanson and I participated in 6 service projects! The first one was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. We went out even farther into the boonies and hauled tree trunks down the mountain. And by tree trunks I mean entire trees with the branches cut off. The way they had us do it was by putting smaller sticks underneath and then pushing it with those. It worked more or less. We got there around 1:00 and got home around 8:00. For the second we just mowed and edged our neighbor's lawn. And by mowed and edged I mean Elder Johanson cut the crass with clippers and I edged with a fun-sized pick axe. Another was hauling dirt from someone's front yard to their back yard. That one wasn't too bad. We had a wheelbarrow. For another one we helped out an English teacher who is teaching all her kids American songs. There's actually a school course where kids just sing English music. Kinda cool. We had to tell them the F-word is a swear word and change some of their lyrics for them though. That was funny. The last one we did topped the first one we did for the hardest thing I've ever done. We went into the other side of the boonies and helped some people carry wood across a river. The bridge across the river was just three trees that someone chopped down from one side. Kinda sketchy. The way we carried the wood was fun. They gave us all potato sacks that were cut open so we could put the wood inside and then haul it on our backs like a panai. We were there for like five hours. My body still hurts and my knees started acting up for a day or two because of it, but it's all good now. I like service though. It's fun and there are a lot of people that need our help.

Elder Pearce's spiritual thought for the week:
     As I carried wood and hauled logs, I thought of the Savior carrying His cross to Calgary. When my body hurts and begins to beg for rest, I think of the pain he felt as He was whipped and scourged. When people laugh in my face because my Spanish is bad, I think of those who spit in His face and mocked Him. When I feel homesick or alone, I think of our Lord as He atoned for everything in the Garden without the support or help of His own all-powerful Father, so that He could know what it was like to be completely and utterly alone. This all gives me the strength to press on.

     I love you all and pray for you every day. Peru is the bomb. I want you all to see this beautiful place one day. Look for the small miracles every day and you will find them! Peace and blessings!

Elder Tate

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