Monday, April 27, 2015

Do you not know that I have had diarrhea since Easters?

Hey there,

So this week was good but sucked as well. We both got SUPER sick and were out of commission pretty much the entire week. I'm a little bit worried about my health. I pooped blood twice last Monday and then later in the week I was throwing up and I've had diarrhea since like Tuesday. Today I think I'm finally recovering but the blood thing kinda freaked me out. It hasn't happened since Monday though so I think I'm okay. Now I'm just working on being able to eat again. Every time I eat it just kills my stomach, like probably the second worst stomach pain I've ever had (first was when I was in Andahuaylas for one day haha). I didn't eat for like two or three days last week. The mission office said they could get me diarrhea pills but that was it. I seem to be getting better now though. It might be a good idea to get an American opinion though. I don't trust Peruvian doctors. EVERY Peruvian thinks they're a doctor too.

We did have a baptism on Saturday and it was great! Pictures aren't working today so I'll send more next week.

I do have two cool experiences though: 

So in church last Sunday a lady in our ward brought a friend that was a preacher for the Seventh-Day Adventist church. He's a really nice man. Anyways, I teach gospel doctrines in our ward, and he was there. I taught about prophets. It was kind of on the fly but it ended up being okay. After the lesson this preacher dude hung out until the others left and then asked if I could "answer some questions for him." He ended up just showing me a bunch of scriptures in the bible about prophets to try to contradict me, but none of them had any relevance and they weren't even contradictory. He didn't Bible bash very well cause he fell asleep during the lesson. Anyways, he showed me those scriptures and then a couple others and made an off-handed comment about how there's lots of people living in darkness and don't know they're being deceived and some other hoopla. I just listened politely and then thanked him for sharing those with me. THEN, a guy in our ward came to me and asked for a blessing of health. He had an earache and kidney pain and had had pneumonia a week or so before. We said it was cool and shut the door to give him the blessing. The preacher stayed to observe. We explained to him how the blessing worked and then Elder Wimmer did the anointing and I gave the blessing. In the blessing I felt the spirit so strong, and I felt it tell me what I could say. I said "I bless you that your body will heal. I bless you that you will lift yourself from this chair and leave this room healed so that you can be an example to all of us in this room that Christ lives." After the blessing, he stood up, gave us a hug, and walked out with a smile on his face. After the last hour of church I asked him how he was. He told me his ear had no pain. God had healed him. It was an incredible experience. It may have been something small like an ear ache but to me it was a huge testimony builder, and I knew that I wasn't the one who had been decieved as the preacher had said.

The other one happened on Monday evening last week. There's an Elder here in Juliaca who is one of my best friends from the mission. He had been having some problems and wanted a blessing. He felt like he couldn't ask his companion because his companion didn't have the spirit with him. He said he's disobedient and he never prays, so he came to me. I gave him the blessing and listened really hard to the spirit (the details of the situation aren't important for now). After the blessing he said that I had said some things that were word-for-word out of his Patriarchal blessing. Pretty cool. It was a great spiritual experience.

That's about it for this week. Have you sent that package yet? I was thinking that maybe having some granola bars or cliff bars or something would be a good somewhat healthy snack to have while walking all day. Something a little on the healthier less greasy side would be good in addition to some treats. Whatever you feel though. 

Love you all!

Elder Tate

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