Wednesday, September 3, 2014

He's Not Just Famous, He's Infamous!

     Okay so again, not a lot of new things happen here because we do the same thing every single day. I do have a couple cool stories though. So one of my nametags broke so I went to the janitors to see if they could fix it for me. It was just the little pin part that goes on your suit or sweater or whatever. Anyways, so the janitor was like, "I can fix this one but I'll just make you a new one too." Or something like that. It was in Spanish and I don't actually speak Spanish yet. So he takes me and Elder Black to this room where they have a sweet little machine that they inscribe the tags with by hand, and starts to make me a new nametag. I thought that was pretty cool so I was like, can I do it? And he was like, sure, so I got to make my new nametag. I was super excited about that. Then he superglued the other one back together so I have three nametags now.
    So I was asked to accompany a musical number again last Sunday which made that my third week in a row of participating in a musical number haha. It's okay though. It's a blessing to get to play music so much. Also, after this fast Sunday, I only have 22 fast Sundays left! Holy cow!
   I'm super excited to get to Cusco next week! I'm ready to do work. We haven't gotten any travel plans yet other than that we'll either leave really early at like 4 in the morning or around like 9 am on Tuesday.
     I got to go to the temple again today for the last time for probably at least a year. It was awesome.
     I was playing soccer the other day during physical activity and another player caused an accident. I ended up rolling my ankle really bad and I felt something pop. It was my left ankle. I thought it was okay but after I hobbled off the field and sat down for a minute it started to swell and I couldn't move it or walk on it. Elder Black helped me up to our room and when we got up there he and another elder gave me a blessing. The next day It was a little swollen but there was barely any pain and I've been able to walk on it with no difficulty whatsoever. I got a brace from Presidente Gonzalez's wife, and life is good. The priesthood is real. I'm still gonna have a doctor look at it though just to make sure everything is okay. The CCM has a doctor so that's convenient.
     Hermano Ruiz thinks I'm like Murdock from the A team LOL
     Did I share my chicken lady story from proselyting last week? If not I'll write about it next time. I'm going proselyting on Saturday so I'm sure I'll have even more!
    That's all for now. I love you all! I pray for you every night! This time next week I'll be in Cusco! The Church is more true than it was last week! Peace and blessings!
Elder Tate

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  1. My son, Elder Yorgesen said he sang Be Still My Soul on Sunday with Elder Hecker. I bet your son was the accompanist! I love all his details in his letters. Thanks for sharing