Monday, October 6, 2014

Remember When I Used My Strength to Rip My Blouse? (Nacho Libre)

     Not a terribly exciting week as far as the work of salvation goes. We went to a multi zone conference in Abancay last week. It's about four hours away so we stayed in a hotel overnight. The president was there though and told me that I read Spanish like a pro. I told him, "Thanks! One day I'll understand what I'm reading!" It was nice though. Elder Johanson told me that I pronounce things really well and read better than most of the other new missionaries, I think I pronounce things well because I've always done music and I have a good ear so I can hear how it's supposed to sound.

     We also got a new house that is probably one of the nicest houses in the entire mission. It has two stories, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. It's pretty legit.

     It rained really hard the other day and our pensionistas house and backyard flooded so we spent about two hours just trying to keep the water from getting any higher in their house. Their puppy also got hit by a moto taxi earlier that day and they're still not 100 percent sure if it will live, so it wasn't a very good day for them. I felt really bad.

     We've been teaching English to one of our less actives and I gave an entire lesson by myself this week and shared a spiritual thought at the end so that was cool. I can understand about 40 percent of 20 percent of the people we teach. haha! I also gave a spiritual thought at a family home evening and I don't think any of them understood me LOL. Peruvians are funny. They're very direct when they talk to you. Most of them just think you're stupid if you can't speak Spanish, and some of them aren't afraid to tell you that. The worst part is if you don't speak Spanish you can't prove them wrong.

     Other than that we're still working hard and doing our best! I love you all! The Church is more true than it was last week!

Elder Tate

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