Monday, December 22, 2014

Baptisms and God Sons

Don't be a rabid porcupine!

Well this week was quite a special week for us out here in San Jeronimo. We finally baptized Jasmin on Saturday, and what a sweet and joyful experience it was. I was given the privilege of being the one to baptize her. AND I only had to say the prayer ONE TIME. The next day in church E. Niaupari gave her the Holy Ghost. We are very happy to have her as a member and pray that she can be an example to her sisters who we've also been teaching. One of her sisters has a 7 year-old son who came with us and Jasmin to church once and now doesn't ever want to go back to his church. His mom, Lili, told us today that he has to be part of some sort of Christmas thing in his church this week, but he said that when he's done he's going to keep going to church with the Hermanos Elderes. He's adorable and LOVES the missionaries. He told his mom that he wants to be baptized like his aunt Jasmin. It's pretty neat. His parents are cool with him going to church though. We told Lili that she should come with him and check it out. I think she will. We're also going to baptize Edwardo on the third of January.

I'm also now the Godfather of a one year-old Peruvian baby. Here they have a tradition where the Godfather, or Padrino in Spanish, is the first person to cut the baby's hair. The parents are members and don't really believe in the whole thing so it was really mostly just for funsies. Or at least I thought that until they told me they want to send him to BYU after his mission and want me to take care of him. I told them that was cool.

Well those are the two main events of the week. Elder Niaupari and I both got super sick and had to take a couple days off this week. We're good now though. I think I might of lost a little weight so that's good cause I've gotten fat. 

To end I thought I'd share some Christian Rock lyrics:

"It was hard for a while, told myself I'd be fine
My life is mine, put the old one behind and get over it
Don't beat yourself up, you got out alive, you weathered the storm
Don't sell yourself short, it's way out of line, give yourself more, give yourself time."

I like this song. I think a lot of times we think trials are our own fault, but we shouldn't beat ourselves up over little things. Instead we should trust in Christ and move forward.

Another cool thought: The Church put out a video called "He is the Gift." I bet you've all seen it by now. It's all over the internet. Well in Spanish it's El es la Dadiva. It's cool because normally Gift in Spanish is Regalo, but Dadiva is a gift that's eternal and that can never be taken away.  Merry CHRISTmas. Let's all enjoy the eternal gift we have been given that nobody can take away from us. Let us all remember Christ. 
 Love you all! Paz y bendiciones. Talk to you soon!
Elder Tate

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