Monday, December 1, 2014

Changes n' Stuff

You let them do this to me! I look Heeeeedeous!

     Well don't really know what to write. Pretty much nothing exciting happened this week. It was kind of a rough one. We didn't baptize anyone which realmente chupa. Pero esta bien. Estaran listos en su propio tiempo. Neither of our investigators were ready yet so we didn't hold the service. It was partly our fault for not being around enough the past couple weeks to teach them and help them enough.

     When we went to visit Edwardo he said he was confused. His brother apparently told him that everything he needs to know is in the Bible so he wanted a bible to read because he didn't have the King James version or whatever it's called in Spanish. So he at least still acknowledges that we have the truth. I showed him my Bible and he was like "Ah there's a TRUE Bible!" So that's good. We've been working with him and trying to teach him to recognize the Holy Ghost and understand it's role so he can be truly converted and not just depend on the one dream he had to carry his testimony. We're also trying to help him understand that the BOM is central and he needs to have a testimony of that. He's improving and wants to set a new date for his baptism. Jasmin just hasn't been taught everything yet. We're also teaching her sisters and their spouses and kids so it's awesome.
     We got a new investigator this week. Her name is Lucero, which means bright star. She's actually the daughter of another investigator. She just moved here from Puno. She's progressing as well as her mother Gladys. They're living with Gladys' sister Yolanda and her son Ruben, who are super strong members. Ruben is our ward mission leader. It's awesome cause they are super encouraging and Yolanda is almost always present in our lessons.
     That's really pretty much it because we only had Wednesday through Sunday to work. My language skills are improving but it's really hard. I can speak pretty okay. I can sort of hold my own in a lesson and I can converse more or less. The problem is that I can barely understand anything anyone says. It's hard cause with some of our investigators their first language is Quechua so they have accents. It's rough. 

     So we got our changes today. Elder Johanson is leaving for Cusco to be a district leader. He's going to be in a trio! I'll miss him. He is a very good elder and I learned a lot from him. I owe him a lot. I'm staying here in San Jeronimo! My new companion's name is Elder Niaupauri. He was in my MTC group and he is an absolute stud. I was actually kind of hoping that I would be companions with him one day. I'm hoping he'll help me a lot with the language. Hma Harbertson also wants all the Latino missionaries to learn English so that will be fun.
     That's all for this week. I love you all and pray for you lots! The Church is super duper true! Next week I'll try to share something more spiritual LOL.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Tate

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