Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas and New Years

Singing is just talking while you move your voice up and down! (or something like that)

Well Christmas was a blast here. We didn't really do anything out of the ordinary except eat turkey but it was fun. I kept forgetting it was Christmas cause there was no snow, no decorations, and no lights. But that was probably better. Chatting through Skype was the bomb. I probably talked too much so sorry about that. On Mother's day I'll try to talk to everyone for at least a few seconds! After Skype I was a little bit homesick. That night as I was praying I thanked God for the opportunity I had to see your faces and talk, and then I thanked Him for an eternal family. Then I saw an image in my mind of everyone sitting in the basement, and I realized more powerfully that we will all be together forever. After that I wasn't homesick anymore. I also realized that I was being kind of selfish by being homesick because I'm out here having a super awesome adventure, and I'm here so that other people can have what I already do. I also realized on Christmas how wealthy we are compared to here. Our house is like a mansion compared to the houses here in San Jeronimo. Nobody has carpet, not even in Cusco or Lima. The kids here don't have very much, and don't ask for very much. It's very humbling to be here and realize how much I've had my whole life.

I don't really have any crazy stories from this week, and we talked like four days ago so there's not a whole lot to say. Although I do have one: On Christmas Eve while my companion was talking to his family, Elder Pavon and I went to stop by a member's house. She had asked if we could run to the store for her and buy wrapping paper so that she could wrap her daughter's present while she was sleeping. She couldn't leave because she was home alone with her daughter and her husband was off doing who knows what. He had left at 8 in the morning and hadn't come back all day (she's one of the ladies whose husband cheats). So we ran to the store and brought her the paper. Then we helped wrap the little doll crib for her daughter and put it under the tree. Her daughter had left a note by the tree saying thank you and I love you, so I wrote her a note from Santa saying Feliz Navidad etc. She was SO happy the next day, her mother told us. We were very sad about her husband though. He had gotten home about 11 that night slobbered drunk. He did bring a turkey for his family though so I guess that's kind of good.

Well that's about all I got for the week. We're going to baptize Edwardo this Saturday as well as our pensionista's daughter! I'll tell you all about that next Monday! Love you all! The Church is true!

Elder Tate

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