Monday, January 12, 2015


No funny movie quote this week. I'm running out and super bummed.

Well it looks like I'm shipping out of San Jeronimo tomorrow. I'm going to a place called Alborada. I have no idea where it is other than that it's in Peru. Our changes were all mixed up this week. I got an email that said I would keep working with Elder Niaupari but then on the missionary website it said I'm leaving. I'm upset. I don't want to leave San Jeronimo. I was hoping to stay to see the baptisms that were going to happen this month. Yesterday we had a family tell us they want to be baptized. It's the family of Jasmin's sister. We were stoked. It's okay though. God knows best. I will go where he wants me to go. I suppose God has prepared the people in Alborada for me. My new companion's name is Elder Rodriguez. I don't know him, but I hope he's cool. Elder Niaupari told me he thinks he's from Chile.

This week I talked to my gringo friend again but we didn't really get anywhere. He just argued about the bible and a bunch of garbage research that he'd done that conflicted with what we were trying to teach. I was hoping to continue with him but I guess it will have to be someone else. The biggest event of the week was the family of Jasmin's sister, Lili. Yesterday we stopped by just to see how they were doing and share something short, but they ended up asking all kinds of questions and ended with the question of how they can be baptized in our church. It was incredible. Elder Niaupari will have to send me the picture.

Other than that not a lot really happened. The two sisters that we're teaching are still progressing. One of them has a date for the 24th of January. The same day as Elder Niaupari's dad! As you can all probably tell, I'm super bummed to leave.

Edwardo has attended church both Sundays following his baptism. Jasmin left for Lima to work for a couple months but is going to church there every week. She still wants to serve a mission.

Next week will be a longer letter. I'll tell you all about my new area and my companion, etc. I love you all. Have a good week. Keep up the good work with your student teaching! The Church is true. Sometimes God asks us to do hard things, and all we can do is do what he asks. Every cloud has a silver lining. I'm looking forward to a new sector. Peace

Elder Tate

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