Monday, January 5, 2015

You Look Really Good in White

That ain't the language they taught me in the MTC!

What a fun week it has been. To start off, yes we did baptize Edwardo on Saturday, but that in and of itself was an adventure. So here's what happened: So a couple days before the service our branch president and the young single adults leader (a girl in our ward who just got back from her mission like a month ago) pulled us into the president's office for a chat. They tell us the the YSS leader wants to "talk to Edwardo without our presence (which they don't have authority to do, by the way)." We asked why cause we were worried that he had done something that we didn't know about but they did or if they knew something else that we didn't. They said no, and that the reason was because they thought Elder Niaupari and I were only baptizing him for the number. I don't know where they got that. It's okay though. We worked it out with them as well as some other weird Peruvian issues they had. THEN, at the service hardly anyone showed up, including Edwardo's family. They didn't really want anything to do with it. The member that was supposed to baptize Edwardo also didn't show up, so Edwardo asked if I would perform the ordinance. I happily obliged, but the problem was I didn't have any other clothes for after the service, and the water was FREEZING because our ward mission leader didn't show up early enough to heat it up, so I was walking around in wet clothes for like an hour after the service. And then it rained so I was walking home in the rain in wet clothes. I got a little sick but I'm good now. Edwardo bore his testimony in church yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful. He will be a strong member. Unfortunately I can't send a picture of the baptism this week because I forgot the thingy to put the USB because I was in the hospital with my Zone leader. He had his appendix removed a couple days ago. FUN.

So I was reading my scriptures the other day in 3rd Nephi where Christ is teaching the people. There it says (a few times) that Jesus prays for the people unto the Father or something like that. Well the cool thing is in Spanish the word in the scriptures is the word ROGAR, which means TO BEG. Jesus literally BEGS for us unto the Father. Cool stuff. It made that story a whole lot cooler for me.

Not really a whole lot else happened this week. New Years was pretty boring. People wear yellow all day and then shoot off fireworks and get drunk at night. 
We have two other investigators with baptismal dates for this week but we're going to move it to next week because we haven't taught a few lessons and we want them to be more prepared. They are two sisters. Their names are Dona and Lucero. Lucero in Spanish means bright star. They are both awesome and are progressing very well. We have changes this next Monday so I'm praying I'll be here to see their baptism. Maybe on my birthday!

As far as the language goes I'm doing fine. I was talking with the Latinos that I live with and asking what I should do to improve and they were only helping me with my accent because they said my grammar is perfect. That made me feel really good. Really from here I just need to learn vocab now, haha. They tell me I speak better than a lot of the other missionaries here. I realized how much I've been blessed here, and that maybe because I suffered a little bit I was given a bigger drive to learn. I'm also working on learning Quechua but I don't have a lot of materials to learn with. I'm going to buy a dictionary today and just translate the Book of Mormon from Quechua to Spanish. We'll see how that goes. I'm very happy though because of all of the blessings that I've received.

The Church is true. I love being here. I love you all and pray for you very much. Until next time!

Un Beso,
Elder Tate

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