Monday, January 26, 2015

Hola Mama

We call this party central. Although we haven't actually had any parties yet...

This has been a special week. Things are starting to pick up little by little here in Alborada. We have a goal as a zone to contact 12 families per companionship. Elder Rodriguez and I contacted 14. We only actually received like three addresses but it was still cool. We found a couple less active as well as nonmember families that look like they're going to progress. We haven't been able to do a whole lot with them yet, but you'll be hearing more in the coming weeks. We've been working with one investigator who had a baptismal date, but now we have to move it cause he's going out of town for a week. The ward here is awesome. The cool people make up for the ugly city. My biggest problem is that they've been feeding me lots of chuno. I hate chuno. Mucho. I also can't find my way around a big city, so I guess that'll be a skill of mine when I'm done here.

So every Thursday night we have what's called noche misional, or mission night. Basically what it is is people from the ward come and they bring friends that are less actives, investigators, etc. There are talks, games, food, etc. and it's super fun. This week we were planning the noche misional and our young men's leader asked if I could sing and play Be Still My Soul in English. So I did. I was finally able to put that gigantic English hymn book to use. We showed up to the chapel early and I made a quick arrangement before the meeting started. There was a talk and then I played. Before I played I translated the song as best I could into Spanish and then told them that the message of the song is that we all have trials in our life but we need to remember that the Lord is always on our side, even when we are suffering. I told them about how I struggled to learn Spanish and how people, including members and other missionaries, were mean to me about it, but because I suffered I learned so much faster, and now I talk better than the missionaries that were mean to me and have more time in the mission. After a couple other thoughts I played. I have no doubt that there was an Angel playing for me, because I didn't play the arrangement I had made. It was WAY better. After playing I looked up and saw that many in the audience had tears in their eyes. After I played Elder Rodriguez shared a thought with his voice shaking and his eyes wet. It was a very spiritual experience. I only hope that the investigators in the audience felt something like I did that night. It was awesome. Very tender. Elder Rodriguez and I also sang at a missionary farewell party this week. We sang the Army of Helaman song in English and Spanish. It was cool. I love playing the piano.

I also went to another funeral this week. That makes three funerals so far in my mission. I think I'm carrying a Peruvian voodoo curse or something. Elder Rodriguez and I were walking down the street looking for an address one day when someone yelled our name. It ended up being a less active family (for like years and years). The father/grandfather had just passed away the previous week. We went to the grave later that week and I gave a talk and Elder Rodriguez offered a prayer/dedication-type thing. Now we have like three different families to work with within this family, so that's cool.

That's about all for now. Things are well here. I like it. The cold reminds me of Utah only without the snow. Things are going to pick up. I love you all and pray for you continually. Good luck with student teaching mom. Good luck with being pregnant still Hilary. Good luck with piano and basketball Graci. Good luck with the stuff everyone else is doing. There's too many of you. If you want something personal EMAIL ME!

Elder Tate

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