Monday, February 2, 2015

When Did We Get Ice Cream?

It's been a rough week. I'll start with the good stuff first.

So we've been working the past week and a half with a guy named Cesar who's been progressing very well. He told us that he wants to pray and learn more to know if the church is true, and when he gets an answer he said he'd be baptized. Pretty cool. Even COOLER is this week we taught two of his brothers as well and they both said the same. Their mother also told us that she has a friend that's a member and always seems to be happy. She wanted to know how she could be as happy as her friend and wants to learn more about the gospel. So we've got a family that's progressing very well. Cesar and his brothers came to our last Noche Misional. We watched Ephraim's Rescue and they all thought that it was super cool.

We also showed up to our chapel one day this week to meet with someone (who didn't show up) when a member from another ward found us and said "Elders, there's a family here that wants to be baptized. Can you talk with them?" That was also super cool. It turned out one of the ladies is getting married in a little while and wants to do it religiously but isn't baptized in any church. Her sister has friends that are members and suggested our church. Kinda cool. We told them that baptism is a sacred ordinance that you shouldn't just DO, but we were super happy for their desires and would teach them more. We'll see how it goes when we teach the word of wisdom and chastity.

The people here are still cool. Our ward has had good attendance the past few weeks. The chapel here is huge, and Juliaca even has a stake! I've gotten to know the bishop a little better and he is super cool. I've made a few more friends in the ward as well.

I hit six months on Friday. That was fun. I finished the BOM for the first time in Spanish that night. So that's special.

I'm also now friends with a bunch of Columbian Gypsies so that's cool.

Things are going good here. My companion seems like he's doing well. The days are kind of like a freight train to get going. He's willing to work and thinks he's obedient but at the same time thinks that certain rules don't apply to him. It makes us clash a little but we're doing okay. I know it's partly my fault because I've been too timid to be a good example, and when I do try to correct him I'm not quite proficient enough in the language to not make it sound rude I think. Or I'm just rude. Probably the latter and the language thing is just an excuse. I dunno. He also told me that he did drugs and drank before he was a member, but I think he did LOTS of drugs and drank A LOT before he was a member. He's a little fried. That makes it a little difficult to communicate. We've talked a bit though and we're working it out. I felt like he didn't really like me but he told me today that this is the first companionship he's had that's cool and that he's enjoyed. That made me feel good. I just decided to fix the things that I don't like about my own missionary work and hopefully he'll follow my example and I'll at least feel better about myself.

That's about all for this week. Sorry that your student teaching schedule is so crazy. I'm sure you do an awesome job and that the kids love you. You're probably my favorite student teacher. Send the West family my love and condolences. I'm so sorry that happened. I wish I could do something for them but I'm a little far away. I love you all and pray for you lots. Peace and blessings.

Elder Pearce

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