Monday, April 11, 2016

Are You the Singing Bush? - April 4, 2016

Imaynallan Kashankicheh. allillanmi kashani.


I hope that everyone is doing well and that you could all enjoy conference. I got to watch all five sessions in English. I LOVED it. I couldn't really say I had a favorite talk, but I thought that Pres. Eyring started the conference magnificantly, and Elder Holland ended it powerfully. I loved the talk about fathers and feel so grateful to have such a great father and example. My dad (and mom) is my hero. I noticed that a lot of talks were really focused on eternal families and temple work. I loved how Elder Nelson said that as priesthood holders we can ask God to show us how to use our priesthood more powerfully and He will teach us how. Pretty neat thought.

This past week was alright. E. won't be getting baptized this week. We're going to try to have a meeting with her and her parents and our pensionista. She knows her parents pretty well. We're going to try to explain to them that baptism isn't something we wait too long to do when we know we're ready. Y. came to one of the sessions of conference and said she enjoyed it. We met a guy named El. who is a first language Quechua speaker. He doesn't understand a lot of Spanish. We taught him a rough lesson with what little Spechua (spanish and quechua) we knew. My companion is good at Quechua but he isn't super comfortable. We're going to try to take a member who is more fluent to translate our lessons. El. is cool. He's 60 years old. The first time we talked to him he seemed really interested and told us he wanted to learn more. He even came to two sessions of conference on Saturday. He belongs to another church called La Maranata. He's been there for like 30 years and said that he's like some psychic fortune teller type-deal. Then he started asking for all kinds of favors and money. We're not really sure if he's super interested or just thinks the church is a glorified welfare program because he saw a white kid and thought he could get some money. We're going to do some real good following up with him. We're going to try and teach his family as well. His kids speak Spanish. They're adults now but they live in the house.

I kind of feel like every day is one step forward and two steps back. We find new people that seem to have a lot of potential and they don't keep commitments or decide that they're not really interested or their families tell them to stop listening to us so they do in order to not cause problems. It's been kind of hard. It's okay though. Even if it's only one step forward after two steps back, it's still progress. I've realized that in a weird way the hard days have strengthened my testimony. When I see people that choose to reject the gospel I'm sad because I know that they're rejecting so many blessings. Somehow it's helped me to realize just how important all of this is, and that I never want to lose the blessings that God wants me to have. All He wants for me is my happiness, and He's shown me how to do it. It's no mystery. It's so easy to receive blessings. All we have to do is TRY it and see if the gospel doesn't enrich and bless our lives more than we had ever before imagined. I understand just a little bit better now how God must feel when He sees me do something small that causes me to lose blessings, and how happy He must feel when I repent. I love this Gospel. I love being a missionary. I hope that made sense.

I love you all!

Elder Pearce

P.S. Happy Birthday Riley and Kenna! You're both getting old!

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