Monday, April 11, 2016

March 28, 2016

And then  I saw them knock you unconscious, okay

First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD AND RACHEL. I forgot to tell Rachel last week BUT I did remember.

This week wasn't really that eventful. E. doesn't want to be baptized until her brother gets home from his mission. My pensionista is really good friends with him though so I'm gonna tell her to write him and tell him to tell E. not to put it off. It's not that I'm desperate for baptisms or anything but she's super ready. She's passed second Nephi in the BOM, she went on a youth campout last week, she has six consecutive church attendances, and my pension even told me that she put on Facebook that she's LDS. She's ready. Hopefully her brother won't tell her to wait for him haha.

Yesterday was fast Sunday in our ward because conference is this week and the week after there are elections here so there won't be any kind of public meetings on Saturday of Sunday. I'm not sure why. Maybe to avoid riots and stuff. We fasted for Y. and another less active we've been trying to work with. After church yesterday my companion taught her a lesson in the chapel with a member while I went with another member to ward counsel. She told him that her desire to be baptized is growing. Her aunt told us that Y. was the one saying, "take me to church with you," and stuff like that. To me that's a miracle. When my companion told me about it I felt relieved. It was kind of like FINALLY. Now we just need to get bast the parent barrier. We went and did service with them the other day. Hopefully we're gaining a little bit of trust, and hopefully Y. will stick up for herself a little more.

That's about it. We found some new investigators and a new less active to teach this week so we'll see how it goes. It seems like we've been finding a lot of new people but none of them are really very interested. They just receive us in their house to be nice. It's okay though. Things will get better. 

I love you all!

Word to your madre,
Elder Tate

P.S.  I forgot something

I just wanted to share a little bit about the Pascua. Here in Peru they celebrate the whole week. It's called Semana Santa, or Holy Week. They don't do a whole lot. Supposedly the Catholics don't eat meat because if they do they're eating Christ's body. They only eat fish and stuff. On either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday they have a meal called the 12 plates. Doce Platos. It's exactly like it sounds. They make a ton of food and serve 12 plates of food. Most people don't usually make it through all 12 though. No one in our sector invited us to eat but Elder Choque ate at some member's house while he was on divisions in another sector and he said it was awful so I'm not too sad that I missed out. Some people go up to the white Christ on the mountain here in Cusco on Friday (I think) and whip themselves as a way to "help Christ." I don't really get it but I guess it could be fun.

Anyways, That's about all of the easter traditions around here. However, the best tradition that anyone could have in my opinion, is the tradition of remembering the REAL reason we celebrate Easter: not only the death of Christ, but his Resurection. This week when we contacted we asked people why we celebrate Easter, and a lot of them said we celebrate the death of Christ. It's sad to think that people don't realize what a blessing it is to have the knowledge that Christ RESURECTED after three days so that we can all do the same. I know that Jesus Christ died and rose again the third day. I know that he atoned for everything. The sins, the pains and the heartache. The humiliation, the frustration and the sicknesses. He felt it all. I'm so grateful for my Savior. 

That's all. 


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